Investment Banks

Affinity Partners

Investment Bankers have the opportunity to partner with Sutton Funding to empower businesses across the US. By delivering incredible value, products, and financial capital our partnership will continuously grow. Companies across North America partner with Sutton Funding because they understand the importance of being able to leverage our experience, technology, and seasoned team to provide quality financial tools to their small and mid-size business customers. Therefore, a partnership with us is the right move for investment bankers.

Call us today to become one of our Affinity Partners and find out how a tailor fit program can financially reward you and your referred businesses.

Call Us: (646) 779-3948

Benefits of working with Sutton Funding Includes:

  • 2-5 day closing
  • Funding up to $5 million
  • Competitive rates - best in the industry
  • Capital, for your client to grow his/her business and execute your strategies
  • Equity-in-lieu of market rate – option (for public or soon to-be, companies)
  • Highest pre-payment discounts, with no penalty
Interested in Partnering?

Broaden your services portfolio with financial solutions from us. Partnering allows you to provide additional benefits to your current clients, increase your retention rates, and accept new clients.

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