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At Sutton Funding we have one simple goal: make accessing working capital easy for small business owners. We actively helped thousands of businesses secure hundreds of millions in mission-critical funding.


Join our fast-paced careers which enable team members to consistently learn, maintain ambition, and be driven to aid entrepreneurs succeed.

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Company Values

Our values are a part of our everyday lives.


We are here to give small businesses every opportunity to succeed. We believe an honest approach will empower our clients to achieve great success.


We always know where we’re headed. And we find the best and most efficient way possible to get there!


We strive to be as helpful as possible by always putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and finding what's best for their business.


Whether for a personal, team, or company best, we constantly raise the bar. Keep growing, every day!


Our dynamic needs motivated individuals willing to put in the work necessary to achieve goals.


Our entrepreneurial culture keeps us agile and focused on consistent improvement.


We're passionate about helping small business, our company, and ourselves improve.

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