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Auto Repair Business Loan

Having an auto repair industry business loan could be right for you! Auto repair shops require funds to be available to offset any obstacles. Sometimes shops need more capital than are currently available, without enough working capital, it can be detrimental to the business.

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At any moment, a shop might be approached for a single lengthy project or multiple projects which require time and many different parts.

Customers do not pay until the job is done, but parts can be expensive and take away from a business’s bottom line. At this point, you would not be able to cover payroll and other business expenses which will pose a whole new problem. Don’t turn down a job that will benefit your business in the long term because of short term deficits.

Auto shops need to stock up on parts, order supplies and purchase inventory. Whether you are starting your shop, refinancing, or seeking a new line of credit, Sutton Funding will provide you with it. We are committed to enabling business owners to maximize their growth by providing working capital.
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Like many other industries, auto shops often spend a chunk of their money providing quality services without seeing an increase in revenue for months.

Unavoidable setbacks like customers pay late, or in small installments, inventory might not be used until much later in the year, and others can be a big blow to your business. Moreover, since insurance carriers typically cover auto body work, shops must wait for reimbursements but continue to serve their customers.

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Sutton Funding will get you through the dry seasons and keep you prepared for the heavy ones. You will be able to make payroll on time and have inventory stocked year round. Invest in your business today, apply for an auto repair industry business loan.

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