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Beauty Industry Business Loan

Whether you own or operate a business in the beauty industry that is getting off the ground, or has been in business for a while now, a beauty industry business loan will be able to offset surprises.

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Beauty salons & spas face many cash flow challenges throughout the years and must be able to meet the obstacles that arise. Therefore, this type of business is upscale by nature and needs to maintain a completely pristine appearance at all times to attract customers. On top of keeping up with appearances, making sure you have adequate equipment for your business is crucial to surviving in this competitive industry. The Beauty industry has been especially beneficial to women and minority entrepreneurs, as 61% of all beauty salons are women-owned businesses (as opposed to 30% of private sector small businesses).


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This industry is increasingly competitive and forces salons to offer a wider variety of services and products. As you broaden your business, having the right equipment for the services you now offer is beneficial to your business because it will keep customers coming back. This means most beauty salons and spas require additional equipment such as massage tables, spa chairs, tanning booths, showers, skin care products, etc.

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As you know, standard equipment is not cheap, and any emergency repairs or replacements need to be taken care of immediately. So, This industry is very competitive, with beauty salons around every corner, you need to make sure yours is the one everyone is talking about. With a small business loan from Sutton Funding, your business will be everyone’s’ go-to for their beauty need.

Without the proper capital, having these necessary additions could seem nearly impossible. Sutton Funding is determined to give you the financing you need to keep your business looking pristine, glamorous, and welcoming. Apply today for a beauty industry business loan.

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Sutton Funding will get you through the dry seasons and keep you prepared for the heavy ones. You will be able to make payroll on time and have inventory stocked year round. Invest in your business today, apply for a beauty industry business loan.

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