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Cannabis & Hemp Industry Business Loan

Owning a cannabis or hemp business can become a challenge without the right finances, and with the industry being relatively new, your options may be limited. Whether you are just getting off the ground or have been in business prior to legality, we have industry-leading products and services that can help your business grow, and maximize your profits.

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Obtaining a cannabis & hemp industry business loan is crucial in such a competitive market.

The cannabis and hemp industry is not only controversial and new, but getting a loan to help jumpstart your profits may be difficult, especially if you are trying to work with banking institutions. The fact of the matter is that banks are reluctant to finance the cannabis or hemp industry and may not be for the foreseeable future here in the US.

That’s where Sutton Funding comes in, offering 10 different products to business owners in the industry seriously looking to grow their sales. On top of this, Sutton determines rates and terms based on monthly gross revenue, and will fund 100% of that number, which means you will never get a rate you cannot afford.

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Getting a cannabis or hemp industry business loan through an alternative lender enables you to skip the wasted time of trying to find a bank loan right now. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to obtain the capital you need for your cannabis/hemp business without having so many limitations. Unlike with conventional bank loans, we won’t make you jump through strenuous hoops or wait months for financing. Our cannabis/hemp financing options provide you with working capital you need NOW to get the jobs done ASAP.

Sutton Funding will get you through your cap-ex and enable you to maxamize sales at peak times. You will:

  • Pursue expansion plans
  • Be able to make payroll on time
  • Be able to afford marketing campaigns
  • Have proper inventory stocked year round
  • Buy necessary equipment for continued growth

Many cannabis and hemp businesses look for funding, but not all of them are getting traction from the banks. At Sutton Funding, we are here for everyone in the industry, and look forward to hearing about your business and how we can help it grow.

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Sutton Funding will get you through the dry seasons and keep you prepared for the heavy ones. You will be able to open more locations and have inventory stocked year round. Invest in your business today, apply for a cannabis industry business loan.

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