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Whether you own or operate a construction business that is just getting off the ground or has been in business for decades, you will likely always need small business loans that are custom tailored for your unique industry.

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The construction field has many different trades and specializations, each requiring its own set of tools, technology, and artisans to get the job done. From concrete pumping equipment to heavy-duty welders, work trucks to hand tools, there is always equipment to purchase, supplies to order, and payroll to meet when you operate within the construction field. Having small business capital is crucial for a fully functioning construction company and partnering with the best and most reliable source of finance will make all the difference. At Sutton Funding, we specialize in creating custom-tailored loans for those who operate within the construction industry.

Obtaining small business financing is crucial to running a successful and stable contractor or construction business. In this industry, a significant cash reserve in the bank gives you more leverage against your competitors. By having a small business loan with Sutton Funding, you can do more with your company. For example, Hire more staff, purchase equipment, bid for larger and more lucrative jobs, pay off or consolidate high-interest debt/obligations. Apply now for a small business loan and do more with your business!
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As a non-traditional lender, our mission is to help small business owners access affordable business capital as soon as possible. Traditional lenders like banks or credit unions take weeks, if not, months to approve your business. At Sutton Funding, we strive to give you access to funding within days!

We have created a simple and straightforward process that not only works with the limited time you have as a business owner but also gives you an answer quickly and easily. A simple online application and submission of bank statements are all you need to get started. If approved, funding will often be available within the next few days.

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Sutton Funding will get you through the dry seasons and keep you prepared for the heavy ones. You will be able to make payroll on time and meet important project deadlines. Invest in your business today, apply for a construction industry business loan.

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