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Healthcare costs are unstable and predicted to rise. This can result in people paying out of pocket, or racking up invoice bills. Even if the margins get thin, bills remain constant, and payroll still needs to be met. Sutton funding will provide you with working capital to keep the medicine on your shelves.

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Establishing a long-term relationship with customers is our top priority. We strive to keep pharmacies in business at every stage of their business. We can help you achieve your business goals and continue to grow.

As an independent pharmacy owner looking for additional working capital for your businesses, you will likely visit a banker to discuss your financing options. Much like with other business owner looking to borrow money, banks will need to assess your current credit including specific data about the pharmacy.

This data will include financial records, both personal and business, among other documents. This process is extremely lengthy and often not worth the trouble.
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Working capital is particularly essential for independent retail pharmacies because you need a consistent cash flow to keep your business running. To invest and grow the operation, having capital is crucial. The rule of thumb is to maintain working capital covering expenses for a minimum of three months.

As a pharmacy owner, this can pose a challenge if you’re paying for a long list of expenses. A short list of expenses includes, but not limited to pharmaceutical licenses, insurance, rent and utilities, payroll and inventory, and many other variable costs. When added up, they take away a large chunk of your profits. In the meantime, most of your customers’ prescriptions are paid by insurance companies, which are known to be slow in payment, dispute claims, and are continually fighting to negotiate lower rates. These setbacks lead to severe cash flow issues for drug store owners.

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Pharmacy owners who want to expand or to upgrade their businesses would benefit from a discussion with one of our lenders. When seeking a pharmacy business loan, business owners should see all the options available to grow your small business.

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