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Businesses across North America join the Affinity Partnerships program with Sutton Funding because they understand the value in being able to leverage our experience, technology, and team to provide quality financial tools to their small and mid-size business customers.

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An Affinity Partnership with Sutton Funding to deliver incredible value, products, and financial capital to your customers.


With our funding solutions, your clients will receive incredible value, products, and financial resources.

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Business Consultants

As a business consultant, clients look to you for guidance and advice on how to grow and manage their business.

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Collections / Debt Companies

Our funding solutions offer your clients an incredible value, product, and financial resource. Not only will you empower their pursuits, but also solidify your client base.

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CPA's & Accountants

CPA’s and Accountants are essential to any small and mid-sized business. Being in charge of their finances is no easy task.

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Credit Card Processors

Credit Card processors provide an extra advantage to most businesses. Since mostly all consumers use credit cards, you are the main go-to for business to collect payments.

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Credit Repair Specialists

Good credit is the only way to get ahead in today’s’ society. That is why businesses look to you for help in trying to fix their business and personal credit.

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Debt Relief Specialists

Debt Relief is more critical now than ever before. Across the country, millions of people are finding it more and more challenging to meet their financial obligations.

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Insurance Agencies And Brokers

Insurance providers and brokers must constantly negotiate deals with different companies for services. As businesses grow their benefits tend to increase, but so does their spending.

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Investment Banks

Investment Bankers have the opportunity to partner with Sutton Funding to empower businesses across the US. By delivering incredible value, products, and financial capital our partnership will continuously grow.

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Website Developers

Website developers are a vital player in a business’s online presence. They are in charge of making sure the vision is met for business.

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