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As a business consultant, clients look to you for guidance and advice on how to grow and manage their business. A partnership with Sutton Funding will give you an added advantage to your advice. Our funding solutions provide your clients with incredible value, products, and financial resources. Not only will you empower their pursuits, but also solidify your client base.

Business consultants need to have the right answer to any business problem. With a business consultant partnership, you can add an extra solution. your clients in order to set them on the right path. Especially if one of their problems is financial, we will step in. In vice versa, when we see our clients having a business dilemma, we can refer them to a business consultant on our side. at the end of the day we share a mutual goal, that is, to see our clients succeed.

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Broaden your services portfolio with financial solutions from us. Partnering allows you to provide additional benefits to your current clients, increase your retention rates, and accept new clients.

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  • 2-5 Day Closing
  • Funding up to $5 Million
  • Competitive Rates – Best in the Industry
  • Highest pre-payment discounts, with no penalty
  • Capital, for your client to grow his/her business and execute your strategies
  • Equity-in-lieu of market rate – option (for public or soon to-be, companies)
  • An immediate financial solution, for your clients to pay their outstanding bills for your services and enact more of your vision for their business thereby increasing your revenue!
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