Artificial Intelligence

If you’re considering on investing in AI capabilities you should first understand that within the next 5 years applications and machines will become less artificial and more intelligent. This means that they will begin to rely less on the bottom-up big data and more on top-down reasoning that humans approach problems. This general reasoning ability will enable AI to become more versatile in its abilities. It will help to create more opportunities with businesses where before it wasn’t suitable.

AI has advanced throughout the years through extensive learning, building systems from scratch through mountains of data. Driverless vehicles are trained on as many traffic patterns and situations as possible, this requires loads of data. This comes with many serious limitations since there are still many situations where there is not enough data. And with limited data comes limited opportunities for growth.

Systems which are data-hungry also face business and ethical challenges. Neural networks require a hefty amount of data for its unique capabilities but not many companies have this volume of data readily available. Having to use all this consumer data also raises a huge privacy risk which might lead to more government action for restrictions. Also, these systems are referred to as “black boxes”. This means that there is no clear explanation as to how the input data arrives at output like actions or decisions. This is a huge risk because it makes them very susceptible to manipulation from outside sources and leaves the company incapable of providing clear answers when things go wrong.

The future brings many solutions to these problems. With the top-down approach, big data is not required and therefore a much faster, flexible, and human-like AI will be born. This new approach is already being put to the test and within the next several year’s companies should look for developments in four major areas: More efficient robot reasoning, ready expertise, common sense, and making better bets.

Henry Gross

Henry Gross

Henry Gross is the managing partner at Sutton Funding.