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The severity of the truck driver shortage in the United States has become more detrimental to the economy than ever before. According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the United States needs 51,000 new drivers to begin work for the top 3 online retailers alone to deliver on time. With the number of drivers decreasing and the number of online sales increasing, it is likely that we will not only see several changes in shipping time and cost, but also the overall cost of goods. According to Forbes, the US trucker shortage is expected to more than double over the next decade as the industry is struggling to replace aging drivers with younger drivers and women. So, for a trucking company, this is a pivotal time in the lifecycle of the business… and a pivotal time to hire.

Growing your trucking business could be tricky, but our expert consultants at Sutton Funding have some tips to keep the trucks rolling. The first thing you should do is some research on how much trucking businesses in your area are paying their employees and accept the fact that you may have to pay your incoming drivers more than they are! Now that you’ve done your research, most likely on internet sites like indeed or, the next thing to do is list your available jobs on websites such as and These sites rank high in Google’s search results for every job title in every industry. When posting on sites like these, it is important to stand out, offer incentives to apply, and be nice to all applicants!

Once you’ve listed your jobs online, it’s time to take an extra step forward with a marketing campaign aimed towards getting new, loyal, hardworking drivers to work for you and your business.  We suggest reaching out to an advertising agency to develop a paper campaign with your job offer on it. You should ask for and receive cards, high-quality perforated tear-off flyers, and signs. All of which should be posted at truck stops with the wage you want to pay your new drivers and your phone number in big bold fonts.

This works! Drivers know their importance in the workforce, and they know that there is a massive shortage of truck drivers right now. On top of this, the people receiving and/or interacting with your targeted advertising are already truck drivers, so it’s not convincing someone to get a new job, it’s convincing someone to make more money along the same route. In conclusion, it’s a crazy time to own a trucking business, but it is also a great time. If you can afford to be competitive with your wages right now, you can afford to compete and grow.

At Sutton Funding – you can get the capital to grow and retain your workforce!

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Henry Gross

Henry Gross

Henry Gross is the managing partner at Sutton Funding.

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